Beauty Review: O.P.I Nailpolish

O.P.I is a very famous nail polish brand from the USA (North Hollywood, California), since a few years the brand has also become wanted in the Netherlands. Next to the high amount of limited editions by O.P.I, the brand is also known for its frequent collaborations with celebrities, the Kardashians already had their own nail polish line, so did Justin Bieber and Nicki Manaj. The celebs are very much involved with their nail polish line, they choose the colours themselves and think of nice names for these. This gives the collections a personal touch.
Kardashian Kolor
Justin Bieber – One Less Lonely Girl 

Nicki Minaj

O.P.I has a large basic collection in which you can find almost every colour. It has an abundance of bright colours like yellow, red and pink, just like the more subtle shades as nude, salmon and sand. O.P.I features shades with sparkles as well as without sparkles, we did not came across a matt nail polish yet. O.P.I is also successful with the limited editions. The Holland collection for example, has been sold very well just like the Germany collection.


O.P.I is famous for its good quality of nail polish and is beloved by many ladies and celebs. In the Netherlands O.P.I nail polish costs €13,95 and is available at e.g. Douglas and several drugstores.


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